Introduction of Social Interventions

BharatSim allows the user the possibility to implement a variety of social interventions that modify disease spread at the level of individuals, like quarantines, lockdowns, or vaccination drives. In this section, we will describe a simple implementation of a quarantine.


Quarantine can be brought into effect by forcing a schedule onto the people where everyone stays at their respective house. In create24HourSchedules everyone can be made to stay at home from 0 to 23, and this can be given the number 1 priority. When brought into effect, the school and office schedules will be ignored and the quarantine schedules will be abided by.

private def create24HourSchedules()(implicit context: Context): Unit = {
  val employeeSchedule = (myDay, myTick)
    .add[House](0, 8)
    .add[Office](9, 17)

  val studentSchedule = (myDay, myTick)
    .add[House](0, 8)
    .add[Office](9, 16)
    .add[House](17, 23)

  val quarantinedSchedule = (myDay, myTick)
    .add[House](0, 23)

    (quarantinedSchedule, (agent: Agent, _: Context) => agent.asInstanceOf[Person].isInfected, 1),
    (employeeSchedule, (agent: Agent, _: Context) => agent.asInstanceOf[Person].age >= 18, 2),
    (studentSchedule, (agent: Agent, _: Context) => agent.asInstanceOf[Person].age < 18, 3)